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Signs that Means its High-time Your Website Needs Complete Remodeling

Signs that Means its High-time Your Website Needs Complete Remodeling
September 11 2017

How do we know its high-time a website needs complete remodeling, modernization and redesign?

There are over 644 million working sites on the internet as of March 2012 and only half of them are getting the visits they need to know that they are doing well in online marketing. Some of them are small businesses trying to make a name in the industry with the help of SEO. But these sites also ensure that they keep their pages fresh, updated and entertaining to keep on receiving views but a few of them still fail to do so because they prefer to keep their site old.

In this article, we will talk about small business websites and why it needs to be updated.

You Obsess Over Pixels So Much

It is understandable that you want a page to look better than your competition in which one single mistake on the design seems inappropriate for you. That is okay if you are receiving the viewers required or if your SEO is doing well. But obsessing over one matter and forgetting the tools you need to earn your investment back may not be a good idea.

Here’s a tip: Improve your services/products and site speed. Proactively convert inbound traffic into leads.

Your Site Is Not Responsive

This is basically old news because in 2017, most searches are done using other devices like tablets and smartphones, especially for local businesses. If your site does not work properly in these devices, chances are, you’re losing potential clients and reducing traffic in your site.

You Are Not Updating Your SEO methods

Perhaps other companies are starting to think that a method like PPC is better than SEO. That’s okay. But SEO is still there, and it still keeps those websites on the very first page of a search. It is still one of those important online marketing strategies. But SEO rules change unpredictably and the next thing you know is that your site does not belong to the first or second page anymore.

Here’s a tip: Be updated with the latest SEO changes and algorithm updates so that you can save your site from ranking lower. Pay attention to the posts on your site that have existing traffic and update them when needed.

Unbalanced Web Design

We try to be creative when it comes to design thinking that it will help attract customers better. That is true if it is done well. Some creators make the mistake of using too much color, graphics, images, videos that are unnecessary for your site. This can actually cause delay in download time which results to slow loading process.

Here’s a tip: Keep it simple and compress images to speed up your site. Use color combinations that fit your branding.

It is disappointing to know that your site is not doing well. Good thing there’s a large group of web developers online ready to work with you if you call for it. If you prefer hands-on redesigning, then make sure that you have all your ideas intact to minimize repetition.

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