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Why WordPress is the Best Web Platform?

Why WordPress is the Best Web Platform?
May 9 2017

WordPress is a very popular blogging platform. In fact, many users that want to open up their personal blog go to and use whatever it offers so that their website can be published online. However, what most web developers and web designers are thinking about when it comes to WordPress is a web development platform – one of the most popular Content Management Systems on the internet these days. However, many will argue that WordPress is the best of them all. What could the reasons be?

It’s an open source web platform

One thing that users really love about the internet is the freebies and WordPress is one of them. Even their own is free to use as well. Using the WordPress completely free if you want to create your own website from it. Its source code is even accessible, which is what open source means. Many users contribute to the improvement of WordPress. These improvements are learned along the findings that make WordPress vulnerable yesterday. This also means that your WordPress is constantly updated, but you will have to do it manually.

The reason that you should care about this is if your situation presents that you are working for a company that has its own proprietary platform, it means that you will be stuck with the company you are working with, especially with the website that you are managing. With WordPress, you can always find another company to work together on the website you own.

SEO Friendly

SEO is what makes WordPress set apart from many other CMSs out there. Aside from being optimized and friendly with various search engines, there are different powerful plugins designed for SEO and for WordPressas well. These plugins let the user know however page and posts are performing when it comes to keyword targeting, discoverability and readability statistics by the army of spiders working for Google.

A platform with everything

WordPress started out as a humble blogging platform back in the year 2003 and since then, they have grown to become a popular CMS that is able to build very sophisticated websites.

You get to monitor everything easily since you own the website from your dashboard, whether these are comments to the stocks of your products. It has the simplest and the most interactive dashboard that you will ever witness. Even if it is still your first time managing a website, you get to become an expert to it in no time since the interface is very easy to understand.

Easy Monitoring

Now that mobile friendliness is being promoted on various websites, not to mention it is one of the indicating factors that will affect the rankings on SERPs, it will make it better for you to decide on migrating to responsive design. It doesn’t take a long while to adapt the changes if you already have a website as long as you let the professionals do it.

These are just some of the main reasons why WordPress is the best web platform out there. How about yours?

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