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Why Choose HTML5 for PSD to HTML Conversion?

Why Choose HTML5 for PSD to HTML Conversion?
June 5 2017

Why Choose HTML5 for PSD to HTML Conversion

The main goal of any business is to attract a potential number of customers to their site so that they can meet their goals. As a result, it has become immensely important for businesses to keep up with latest changes that are taking place in the world of web design and web development. Thus, businesses prefer to have a website that is responsive, easily navigable and interactive in nature. PSD to HTML conversion offers a channel to create websites which are not only functional across all platforms but also offers great convenience to a large number of visitors.

PSD to HTML conversion allows web designers and developers to come up with a full-fledged site. Basically, the conversion allows a web design layout created in Photoshop to be converted into HTML and then integrated into the respective CMS. If the developers don’t write the theme in a markup language, integrating it with any open source CMS becomes impossible.


Some of the advantages of PSD to HTML conversion are:

  • Cross-browser compatibility
  • SEO friendly semantic coding
  • User-friendly

Apart from the above three, there are also a lot of other advantages. These advantages have raised the demand of PSD to HTML conversion. However, with the coming up of HTML5, the scenario is witnessing a huge change.

HTML5 is considered to be the latest approved web standards. It has simplified and changed the process of creating effective websites. HTML5 uses CSS3 codes that waive off the use of unwanted images in web pages. Thereby, it ensures the page loads fast and operates smoothly. This does not mean you cannot use images or videos in places where you need. For including images or videos, tags can be used. In HTML5, old tags have been removed.

Amazing Features Integrated Into HTML5

Some of the reasons why developers prefer to go for HTML5 are:

Search Engine Friendly

Some semantic codes can be carried out with HTML5 can make a site search engine friendly. Using PSD to HTML conversion can help to make the site search engine friendly. basically, while using HTML5 all elements of the web pages can be indexed in a manner so that the search engine crawlers can easily find about it.

Cross Browser Compatibility

It provides cross-browser compatibility so that the site can be viewed from all important browsers. Basically, PSD to HTML5 conversion makes a site responsive so that it can be accessed from any screen sizes. Apart from that, web pages created with HTML5 become compatible across all web browsers. When a site runs smoothly across all browsers it can bring huge customers to the site.

Ability to Choose CMS

A website needs to be integrated with a good CMS system in order to manage the database properly. The data about the customers is invaluable for a business as it helps them to come up with new business strategies. PSD to HTML5 conversion allows developers to use any CMS.


Using HTML5 can help in streamlining the CSS or JavaScript files that can provide minimum loading time.

HTML5 is far more advanced than HTML and it offers a greater level of flexibility and adaptability. This is why HTML5 is more preferred. However, this doesn’t mean HTML is dead.

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