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What is CSS3 Coding?

What is CSS3 Coding?
May 9 2017

For starters, CSS3 can’t work alone. It must be paired with something to bring out what is its true functions are. Talking about coding, it must be about computer stuff, right? The website that you keep on browsing is composed of CSS codes. CSS3 is the recent variant CSS specification. From CSS or Cascading Style Sheet, it is coded together with HTML that tells the browser on how the content must be displayed. CSS is like setting commands and telling the browser on how everything should be arranged from the webpage’s layout to the colors of the headings.

CSS3 is not about the new characteristics of CSS, but it is also its third level progress. Its new features help aid the developers to solve some problems without the need to go for the non-semantic markup, extra images or complex scripting. Other websites even just utilize HTML and CSS only, even if it would be better to in more scripting languages for creating a website. The new features of CSS3 include added selectors, rounded corners, drop shadows, animation, transparency and multiple backgrounds.

Why you should pay attention to CSS3

Some techniques in design have made its way into almost every project imaginable. Gradients, rounded corners, and drop shadows are just three of the good examples. You can practically see them anywhere. When they have utilized appropriately and that it blends well with the overall theme of the site and its purpose, the enhancements can make the overall design of the site flourish as well.

Many may think that CSS is enough to create the design elements with HTML and that they have maximized its potential. However, the real question is whether it happened that way.

If you look back in the past, for web designers to create shadows, rounded corners, and gradients, they had to employ a more tricky or complex technique. There were times that extra HTML elements were needed. In situations wherein HTML must be in a minimalist form, scripting hacks was a must. As with gradients, it was inevitable to use extra images for it. And extra images mean that it would add bandwidth consumption, too. Many designers have been putting up with these workarounds since there was no other way for them to accomplish such designs.

But now that CSS3 is created, it allows web designers to create different design elements in a more forward thinking behavior. Thus this lead to various benefits. One of them is a clean markup that makes it accessible to machines and humans, fewer images to be added, maintainable code and faster pages to load.

Here are some of the most significant modules of CSS3:

  • User interface
  • Animations
  • 2D or 3D transformations
  • Borders and backgrounds
  • Box model
  • Multiple columns layout
  • Selectors
  • Replaced content and image values

You can find most of these new modules being used in modern browsers these days. In fact, CSS3 is the first to introduce modules in web designing. The main advantage of this is that it is that it allow specification be approved and completed more quickly since the segments are approved and completed in chunks.

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