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Is Your “Contact Us” page ready for publication?

Is Your “Contact Us” page ready for publication?
August 17 2017

If you have chosen to work with a company that offers PSD to HTML conversion, PSD to BootStrap conversion, Sketch to HTML conversion and other converting services, it is possible that you have already created your design with your confidence in such coding techniques. Now let’s take a thorough study if your “Contact Us” page is ready for publication.

The contact page is crucial because: 1. this is where people decide to involve themselves with you and 2. It is their way of knowing if your company is responsive or not. Remember, a tiny bit of mistake can immediately sway away a potential customer for business websites.

Consider the page as the reception desk. If the receptionist cannot relay a client’s request, it can allow them to move on to another company. But, if you:

Become a grammar nazi (temporarily), rest assured that you will be eyeing every grammatical mistake written all over your site. It is not about being good in English but it is about being professional in a certain way. Many people still get discouraged of such mistake since they find it haunting and it will follow your company’s name. Focus on the basics of grammar and get it right.

When picking your words, you must be precise and straight to the point. Use proper words that is easy to understand and refrain from using heavy ones because the public may only get confused.

Connect the prospective client to someone in your company. A high quality Contact Us page is useless if it goes nowhere. Allow replies to be personified, that way, your employee, co-worker or you can answer requests personally making it feel like the client who is trying to reach out, is actually heard and not ignored. Creating a bot reply is also another easy thing but they are only helpful for frequently asked questions. There are many ways to connect your client with a human, customer service email, chat and calls are three of the most common.

Create pleasing designs. Ask yourself, would I continue writing with this font size, header, footer and color?

Own it. Make it look like it is your company’s contact page and not just a copy of another site’s design. It may have the same mandatory questions but it does not have to look that way. Use your company’s agenda and your imagination, try to perform a little research on how the other companies present theirs, remove unnecessary questions, and if possible, apply at least one unique feature for your site’s branding. Do not stray away from your initial website design.

Make it easy. 75% of the clients proceed to the contact page because they want immediate answers that might not be found in your Frequently Asked Questions page. To respond to that percentage, allow drop down menus to help them get a quick definition of what they want. Display e-mails or local numbers if they wish to do the calling and allow them to write an easy message by not limiting the character count.

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