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Top 7 Things to Do to Make Your Website SEO Friendly and Rank Well in Google

Top 7 Things to Do to Make Your Website SEO Friendly and Rank Well in Google
August 24 2017

Ever wondered how your site can rank well in Google? Search Engine Optimization may be a complicated thing to grasp but with all the information presented on the internet, we can just learn enough. In this blog, we have gathered some important facts that will be useful for website creators when it comes to improving their Google ranking.

One: Make Sure Your Site Is Mobile Friendly

One of Google’s latest algorithm change involves mobile optimization when it comes to their search engine. It is a known fact that the majority of internet users depend on mobile search which is why if your site is not mobile compatible, there’s a huge chance Google will penalize you for it (and visitors would prefer to visit another site).

If your website still does not meet the mobile standards, consider working with web developers online to make it possible.

Two: Answer Online Questions

Figure out the questions that your site can answer and use it to lead readers to you. These answers must have quality and accuracy. Write these phrases on your blog title, link, body and of course, keywords.

If possible, write unique contents about the questions that are not usually answered on the internet. If done right, Google will recognize your page and will likely improve its SEO.

Three: Optimize Local Ranking

Visit your Google My Business Page and review the details written. To improve your local presence, you need to select the correct categories, write down the definite and accurate description of your business and services (Answer the What, Who, Where, When, How questions). The more information there is, the better. Next, use Google Maps and Search to verify your location, interact with the people who offer reviews about you, and include photos that are relevant to your site.

Four: Optimize Voice Search

Take advantage of what is always used. In this case, with voice search. The information you wrote on Google’s My Business page will be useful for this. Keeping them up to date will be beneficial to improve your ranking.

Five: Create Relevant Long Tail Keywords

Before, creating a few keywords would already work, in today’s time, it must be precise in a form of a phrase that will specifically answer or define whatever you are selling. These long tail keywords can also be written as conversational keywords as it will be useful for voice searches.

Six: Make Sure Your Site’s Speed Is at Its Finest

Your website’s speed is a factor when it comes to ranking. Use online tools available to know how long your page loads. Remember that if there are more elements on the page, it will slow down. To improve speed, use more Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and less images and compress the high quality contents of your site.

Seven: Collaborate with the Experts

When things get complicated, work with those who can achieve better results. Most SEO sites are competitive when it comes to SEO because they make sure their clients get the best of what they give.

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