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Why Converting Your Website into a Responsive Design Is a No-brainer?

Why Converting Your Website into a Responsive Design Is a No-brainer?
September 1 2017

In the early months of 2015, Google calculated that most online searches are now being performed with the use of mobile phones and tablets. This is not surprising since these new gadgets now offer multiple advantages by just swiping.

But is it really that hard to convert your site into a responsive design? No. For those who prefer to convert their sites with their own hands, thorough research is a must to help them produce a responsive design that will not affect their site’s loading speed. Web developers agree that to have a responsive design, there are only a few tools needed.

Try free online tests to help you determine if your site needs and upgrade or not.

It Is Google-recommended

Google is not the only search engine site there is but it is one of the most used and web developers try to keep up with their updates. Generating a mobile-friendly page is one of those. Responsive web designs are now crucial for sites who want to make it on the topmost page of search engines.

It is not just about keeping up with the trend but removing some limitations from what traditional websites have. With the internet providing more doors for access, your website should take advantage of that to ensure that it will receive more traffic over time.

Your SEO Ranking Will Benefit from It

People are obsessed on using powerful Search Engine Optimization technique (like updated coding) and companies that offer online services include responsive design in their list. Why? Because responsive design increases the chances of success when it comes to large scale or small business advertising.

Optimizing one domain can be enough. Site responsiveness will strengthen your content’s quality in comparison to the others that have separate mobile sites.

It Is Pocket-friendly

If it is a no-brainer, then it could cost less only if we use one domain for mobile and PC access. Some web developers preferred to create a different one that matches the mobile standards. But with search engine algorithms, it will be confusing and complicated when it comes to SEO because of content duplication. With responsive design, there is no need to control 2-3 sites. You can only control one that can be viewed in many devices, low or high resolution.

One example of this cheap service that also offers responsive design would be WordPress. Their platform is also good for those who don’t have professional backgrounds in web design and development. But with WP, they provide previews on how a page will be viewed in some devices.

It Is a Good Addition to Your Marketing Strategy

With the reasons stated above, we are learning that there are more ways to increase traffic for your site and encourage visitors to trust your page.

But before diving in to this feature, consider your target audience first. It may be tempting how a responsive web design can make your site better but if it’s not needed based on your analytics, then it could be a complete waste of time.

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