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Converting A PSD File to Web Pages

Converting A PSD File to Web Pages
June 19 2017

The web design process forms an important part of any website. Generally, a web designer designs the web layout of a site in Adobe Photoshop and many other tools. Once this task is complete, it becomes the responsibility of the front end developers to transform the Photoshop PSD files into responsive HTML web pages. Changing into an HTML webpage is considered as a huge move for driving a business to increased profit.

Nowadays, every designers and blogger should also know the art of converting a PSD file into HTML. In this blog, you can take a look at the conversion process. In a nutshell, it can be said that a page needs to be outlined in PSD. After that, it needs to be changed to a code with the help of CSS, JavaScript, and HTML. 

However, now let’s delve into the conversion procedure in details.

File Structure

The basic step of conversion begins with the creation of 3 separate documents. The three kinds of documents that are needed to be created are style.css (CSS styling codes), reset.css (Reset CSS Codes), and index.html (HTML Codes).

Cutting the PSD File

This development integrates cutting down the PSD based web formats into layers. Usually, the PSD documents are assembled in layers.  Opening these documents in Photoshop or any other picture altering tools is very easy. The most important job is to cut the pictures so that it can meet with the subject of the site that has been composed in HTML.

During this step, HTML designers consider that they have the freedom to make the necessary changes like include boxes or remove shadings from the picture and so on. Once all these developments are made to the files, the PSD files are saved in JPEG or any other configuration.

PSD to HTML Combination

Once the PSD files are cut into the required shape, the developers need to coordinate it with HTML codes that go with their pixel. Converting the PSD to HTML helps in adding life to an existing site.

Adding Stuff

This step involves the expansion of the websites with logos and facts that can help the clients remain entertained.


Once the developer has changed the static site into an HTML one the site needs to be tested. In fact, the codes are needed to be approved. Well, the main aim of converting to an HTML page is to make the site responsive for all gadgets, high loading speed of pages and many more things.

If all these steps are followed perfectly then the PSD files can be successfully converted to an HTML one. However, the task of converting always needs to be performed by experts who can handle the process very easily.

How Can It Be Helpful for A Business?

Changing PSD files into HTML can be beneficial for a business in many ways. It can help in driving traffic towards a site; make the site SEO friendly; and many more benefits.

If you are planning to move over to HTML from PSD, it is advised to take the help of an expert who knows standard coding. However, before choosing a professional make sure they are experienced enough for the job.

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